Shampoo Bars

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There are so many reasons to love these shampoo bars. There's no plastic bottle so they're very eco-friendly, a true green shampoo.  They're compact, airplane-friendly and perfect for travel. Each 2 oz. bar will last for 60+ uses, allowing you to save money as you save the planet. 


citrus fresh (orange, bursting with citrus flavor)
coconut lime (pale green - total tropical beach!)
peppermint (white - with peppermint essential oil)


The rich, gentle lather in these shampoo bars comes from sodium coco sulfate, Both sodium lauryl sulfate and coco sulfate are derived from coconut, but sodium lauryl sulfate is lab altered, removing some of its fatty acid chains so it will strip oils at lower concentrations (and it's cheaper, which is why you see it in 95% of shampoos.) Sodium coco sulfate is left whole with its natural balance of fatty acids intact - fatty acids that your hair and scalp crave. 

Sodium Coco Sulfate (derived from coconut oil), coconut Oil, cocoa butter, apricot seed oil, shea oil, F&C food grade color, fragrance, D-panthenol  (derivative of vitamin B5, works as a moisturizer)

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