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Our Story

Born in a Cape Cod kitchen

Summer House Soaps was born on Cape Cod, where the sea, sand dunes, and fresh salt air are a daily inspiration. 

I was at home with two small kids, taking a break from a career as a graphic designer, when I became passionately involved with making soaps and body care products. I loved the scents and textures, the science and the artistry. I loved that the final product was both practical and luxuriously sensual. 

The production has long since moved out of the kitchen, and what started as a solo obsession has turned into a grand collaboration of quirky, funny, creative people. The scale of our production has increased a lot, but we still make our soaps, lotions, balms, and salts by hand in small batches, from fine natural ingredients. 

What makes our products so special? Just compare our ingredients with those in commercially-made products. We use no detergents, preservatives, artificial colors, or sodium lauryl sulfate. The result is clean and natural care for your skin, beautifully scented, gentle and nourishing. And with a little bit of Cape Cod in every bar.

We love what we do, and we're glad you're here. Welcome!


Ann Miller, Founder