Winter Rose Soap

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When you buy a bar of Winter Rose soap, 100% of the purchase price of each bar will be donated to local and regional food banks. It’s a small thing, but think about it.  In the hands of a well-run food bank, every dollar can be turned into three nutritious meals, including fresh produce. That’s nearly 30 meals per bar! If we sell out the entire batch, it would add up to almost 2700 meals for families across the region. It starts to make a difference.

Winter Rose is a lovely soft powdery floral that will brighten winter days with thoughts of summer. (Hint: If you've been asking for a return of our 2017 rose scent, this one's for you!).

On the back of each bar is a description of how sales of each bar will help put food on the table for our friends and neighbors. 

I hope you'll join us in this effort to do what we can for our neighbors. 

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