Welcome to our new website

To all of you who have been ordering from us and all of you who are just discovering us,

2021 is a big year for change and re-invention.  For Summer House Soaps that’s meant
investing more in our online business, including this updated website. We hope you enjoy it.

You'll see some new features, including a place for ordering e-gift cards,
and fewer glitches in the checkout process.

But as with all launches, some turbulence may occur during takeoff, so please bear with us if it’s
not 100% smooth at first!  We welcome any feedback you care to offer.

Natural small batch soaps and body care products, hand-crafted on Cape Cod

What makes our products so special? Just compare our ingredients with those in commercially-made products. We use no detergents, artificial colors, or sodium lauryl sulfate. The result is clean and natural care for your skin, beautifully scented, gentle and nourishing.

And with a little bit of Cape Cod in every bar.

We are passionate about nature, community, creativity, and spirit.

Our Hyannis store is closed

But you can order online, or find us at various farmers' markets and craft shows
thoughout the season. Check our schedule below.

We don't bring all of our products to shows and markets, but you can pre-order items to pick up at a these events. Be sure to email us your request at least two days beforehand so we have time to put the order together for you.

Upcoming Events