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One of the note-worthy features of life on Cape Cod is the winter shutdown. The further you drive east towards the outermost tip in January, the more you see it – restaurants closed and shuttered, empty parking lots, signs on businesses saying Thanks for a great season!!! See you soon! After a busy, exhausting season (especially this one!) much of the Cape goes into hibernation for the winter.

I’ve always envied those business owners for having this cycle of activity and recuperation. A rhythm of busyness followed by rest has ancient roots. (Even the God of the Old Testament took the seventh day off!)  But few have a Sabbath built into their lives now. As a society, we're not very good at resting.

But this year, we're taking two full months to retreat, recharge, and reflect. I plan to get my house in order and work on some projects that have been long postponed. I’m thinking of it as a two-month sabbatical.

Our website is still here but not accepting new orders till It’s re-activated in March. If you have an urgent need – say, a holiday order that never arrived – send me an email.

Otherwise, we’ll be back soon with renewed energy and creative zest for the coming year.

Thanks for a great season!!!
See you in March!

Soap Maven, Summer House Soaps

Natural small batch soaps and body care products, hand-crafted on Cape Cod

What makes our products so special? Just compare our ingredients with those in commercially-made products. We use no detergents, artificial colors, or sodium lauryl sulfate. The result is clean and natural care for your skin, beautifully scented, gentle and nourishing.

And with a little bit of Cape Cod in every bar.

We are passionate about nature, community, creativity, and spirit.