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I'm 75 years old and I have very delicate skin, so I react to all kinds of soaps. This one really agreed with my skin. When I got out of the tub, I wasn't all itchy like with the glycerine soaps I've been using. Shirley F., Utica, NY

The Good Dog soap is great! My dog still smells good, and he's usually a stinker! Laura B, Sagamore Beach, MA

I've been using your soaps for the past five years or so, and pick them up every time I'm at the Cape. Over the past holiday I ordered several of the seasonal scents online, and LOVED the Clementine and the Winterberry! I spread the word about your fantastic products and gave some out as presents. My favorite is Nantucket Sea Clay, and my husband is spoiled with Bay Rum. Looking forward to keeping with the old favorites and making new ones! Jacqueline R., Parsippany, NJ

Do you still make the Good Dog soap? I have a Black Lab granddog, Kozzie, who swears by it for his "delicate" skin! He swims all summer, and his master (my son) mentioned it is the only pet soap that keeps him itch free and looking shiny! Wendy P., Milton, MA

Thank you for processing my order so quickly. I have really grown accustomed to using your Bay Rum soap. My wife bought me a bar of Bay Rum several weeks ago from a local vendor and it's not even close to yours. Charles C., Pembroke, GA

My daughter used to use regular soap, and had to put on lots of cream. My husband went to the gym several days a week and I'd end up putting lotion all over his back. Your soap really makes a difference. People in my family notice. Elizabeth B., Lexington, MA

These bars last for six months! Marilyn A, Worcester

This really is the best soap. I won't go back to the regular kind. Even my husband likes it! Virginia K., Bolton, MA

My husband, who never notices soap, asked me "what's that soap in the shower? My skin isn't itchy anymore!" Jane A, Barnstable, MA

My husband and I purchased six bars of your wonderful soap this summer while vacationing on the Cape. The family that operates the Lavender Lady told us that it would likely be the very best soap we've evern tried and they were right - it is the best home-made soap we have ever used and we have been using home-made soaps for several years. None have been as luxurious or as sweetly scented as the Summer House soaps. Linda L. and Andy H, Rochester, NY

I have a terrible time with my skin in the winter time. It breaks out in itchy spots all over my body, usually starting in late fall. This year I started using your Buttermilk soap, and it really made a difference. No itchy spots. It really helped! Deborah C, Falmouth, MA

Tried your soap this summer at the West Barnstable Day Fair. Love it! Beautiful scents that last the life of the bar. Theresa A., Westboro, MA

Thanks for making such a wonderful product. It was the best hand-made soap I have ever purchased and I wanted to let you know. Joanne V., Waltham, MA

Last year I inquired about your Bay Rum soap. I purchased a bar on a visit to New England and would like some more. Despite all my efforts, I can find no products like it in Europe, so I will bite the bullet and ask you to send me a quote for 4 bars of Bay Rum soap to Great Britain. This time I will buy. Mike F., Great Britain

I just wanted to let you know that your Rose soap is absolutely heavenly. I've never been much for the idea of aromatherapy, but when I get in the shower with that soap it definitely raises my spirits! It smells so fresh and outdoorsy and rosy! Best wishes in your business endeavor-----your product is the best!! Donna F., Brookline, NH

Every year when we come to Nantucket, I buy a bar of the Nantucket Sea Clay for the outdoor shower. It's the perfect size for a clamshell soap dish. When I got back to Chicago this year I was missing my outdoor shower and the ocean and I thought, "why not bring that outdoor-shower feeling back to Chicago with me all winter?" So I'm ordering a log of the Nantucket Sea Clay. Call me "Desperate in Chicago." Hannah G., Chicago, IL

I would like to tell you how much I love your soaps. We have been vacationing on the Cape for the past few summers and my mom started buying your soaps and telling me how much she has enjoyed them. This past summer she bought a few bars for me and I am hooked. I usually do not splurge on such items but now I feel that the indulgence is worth it!! Thank you for your wonderful products. Michelle K., Marshfield, MA

Several years ago, I was given some of your wonderful soap by an employer as a Christmas gift. I felt very elegant using it, and it made my bathroom smell just wonderful. Early this year, he needed some help with a new employee. I refused payment but said I would take some soap. Again, I felt elegant and my bathroom smelled so good. He asked for my help again this week. And again I refused payment, but asked for more soap. This time I got a tin with several large bars. Wow! I feel like a queen! I am going to tuck a few bars around the house so the whole house will smell lovely. So I guess the gist of this story is: I will work for soap! Cricket G, Falmouth MA

Dear Ann -- I LOVE YOUR SOAP! Marie P., Waterbury, CT.