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holiday soaps

They're here! Castile Liquid Soaps

We've been brewing and refining our recipe for almost a year now, and can say (with all due modesty) that our new Castile Soap is truly scrumptious. It has the same rich blend of olive oil and other nourishing ingredients as our bar soaps, and the same rich moisturizing lather.  

Plus - and this is really important - it's real soap. 95% of the so-called liquid soaps and body washes on the market are not actual soap...they're detergents, concocted from a slew of chemicals including sodium lauryl sulfate.

It's available in four of our most popular scents:

Lavender Castile Soap - $10.95


Beach Rose Castile Soap - $10.95


Hydrangea Castile Soap - $10.95


Ocean Mint Castile Soap - $10.95