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Natural Bath and Bodycare


These rich lotions are paraben-free and 97% natural, enhanced with aloe, milk, and wild honey. 8 oz.

beach rose hand and body lotion

The rose is renowned not only for its fragrance, but for its soothing skincare properties. Contains rosewater, rosewood, and rose fragrance. $16.00

lavender hand and body lotion

The most versatile of aromatherapy oils, lavender promotes relaxation! Scented with natural lavender oil.

hydrangea hand and body lotion

Nothing captures the spirit of the Cape like the hydrangea. This luxurious lotion celebrates the classic summer flower. Scented with hydrangea fragrance oil.


natural bath salts

sea therapy mineral bath

Not all bath salts are created equal. Our high-mineral content sea salts will purify and relax your body while the aromatherapy-grade essential oils envelope you in fragrance. Contains sea salt, essential oils, natural mineral color.

lavender/rosemary, mint/juniper, beach rose

10 oz.           $14.00


healing hand balm

shea butter hand balm

Making soap is hard on the hands, so we keep a tin of this balm next to every sink. Its rich oils form a healing, protective coating that keeps our hands wonderfully smooth and soft. Contains calendula-infused olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, Vitamin E, and lavender and orange essential oils.

1.5 oz. tin:      $9.95

natural lip balm

Lip Drink natural lip balm

Now enriched with cranberry seed oil, this all natural lip balm is also filled with jojoba, shea, cocoabutter, vitamin E, and other yummy oils to moisturize dry, cracked lips.

peppermint and cranberry orange

.15 oz.          $3.95

natural bath salts

cape cod sugar therapy

Leave you skin smooth, soft and polished with this amazing mix of sugar, olive oil, jojoba, cocoabutter, and other natural skin goodies.

rose, lavender, mint, and brown sugar

10 oz.           $22.00