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bargain bag     bulk soap log

Bargain Bags and Soap Logs

A few years ago, we began selling two-pound Bargain Bags at the Farmer's Market in an effort to clear out the end pieces and trimmings that were clogging the workshop. They have been wildly popular....many of our customers tell us that a bag keeps them in handmade soap for a year. They also tell us they cut the pieces into guest bars for the spare bathroom, or bundle them into little gifts. The possibilities are endless! (Some of the pieces are cosmetically challenged, but they are all good soap.) We put a variety into each bag, so you can sample lots of scents on the cheap.

2-lb Bargain Bag



Soap Log

Be bold! Surprise someone with a dramatic log of his or her favorite soap. The log can be easily cut with a kitchen knife into 13 four-ounce bars, or we can cut it for you before we ship.Each log measures 12 x 3.5 x 2.25 inches, and weighs approximately 3.25 pounds. If you don't see your favorite scent below, email us. We just might have it.