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Summer House Natural Soaps was born in Ann Miller's kitchen, where she envisioned a business that would combine her love of cooking, gardening, and graphic design. While the scale of our soapmaking has increased since then, the method has not changed. All our soap is still made from scratch in small batches, using the cold-process method which best preserves the therapeutic qualities of our ingredients.

Using food-grade olive, coconut, palm, and castor oils, we mix our batters by hand and pour them into molds, where the alchemy of saponification takes place. Once the soap sets, the bars are cut, cured for three weeks to further develop mildness, and then beautifully wrapped in handmade papers that are sustainably produced in Thailand.

What makes our soap so special? Many people never go back to commercial soap once they experience the sensation of hand-made soap. It is truly a different, and dare we say, a more sensual product. To understand why, just compare the list of ingredients on a bar of commercially-made soap with our own ingredients. No detergents, preservatives, artificial colors, sodium lauryl sulfate...just clean natural soap that's gentle and nourishing to the skin.

To our base oils, we add a whole range of additions, including oatmeal, honey, buttermilk, cocoabutter, shea butter, healing herbs and botanical oils, exfoliants, mineral colors and more. The finished bar contains 25% glycerine, a humectant that attracts moisture to the skin. (Glycerine is what gives your skin that satiny feeling after you bathe.) The result is a face and body soap that's luxurious, long lasting, mild, and deliciously scented.